What We Do

We help you win.  With ads that cut through the clutter of consumer advertising and competing campaigns, our creativity brings voters’ attention to your winning message.

High Production Values

We work with some of the most innovative, high-tech television,  video, and film professionals in the industry. Our California-based production team will ensure your message is fresh, relevant and engaging.

Powerful Ads, Winning Messages

Voters aren’t waiting around for your message.  Advertising research shows that viewers want to be entertained more than informed — that they respond to  emotion more than facts alone.  We know how to make issues and ideas into the compelling, emotional messages that get viewers’ attention.  Messages that turn candidates into winners.

Strategic Integration

Maximize Exposure While Maintaining Expenditures

With over 30 years of campaign experience, we know that winning takes more than just great advertising.  A winning campaign requires an integrated theme, consistent brand, and a compelling message progression that targets key voter segments across all communications platforms.  Our communications and media strategists will develop a targeted, integrated voter contact plan, and execute your plan seamlessly.

We target the voters you need, reaching them with maximum exposure, and minimum expense.  Our guideline for efficient, effective political media buying: Move public opinion, at the lowest possible cost.

Innovative Media Buys

Sandler-Innocenzi’s in-house media staff has over 30 years of national  media planning and buying experience.  We use the latest and most sophisticated quantitative and qualitative analytic research from Nielsen, Arbitron, Scarborough, Rentrak, and others to  create a unique plan optimized for your campaign.

Multi-Tier Integration

A multi-tier media plan consisting of traditional  TV, radio and cable, integrated with contemporary digital  advertising, make up a modern communications strategy.  Sandler-Innocenzi has been an industry leader in delivering those diverse and unique audiences to  our  clients.

Because voters are spending more time on social  networks, searching, and consuming TV, music and advertising through digital channels, digital  advertising across these platforms has  become an essential component of  any successful campaign.  We incorporate demographic, geographic and behavioral targeting into  our digital  plans — driving your  message across multiple screens to  ensure that your  message is reaching your target audience.