Our innovative, targeted advertising campaigns win elections for our clients.

To succeed in the public arena, you must have a message that resonates with voters. Our commercials break through the clutter to reach your audience by being relevant, meaningful, and inspirational.

Our experience means strategic, compelling ads to make sure your message moves voters.

With the 24 hour news cycle, social media, and attacks from your opponents:  today’s issues can be tomorrow’s old news.  For over 30 years, we’ve been national  leaders in message progression; developing a messaging plan that drives your message, bolsters your brand, and keeps your opponent on the defensive.

We follow the data.

In the modern campaign environment, the latest big data techniques can be powerful  tools in your strategy. That’s why we’re more than just a creative team — we love data, too.  We will work with your team to build a media strategy based on campaign research; to design the most compelling messages, targeted to  just the right audiences, delivered at just the right time.

Whether through traditional  advertising or the latest digital media, Sandler-Innocenzi will persuade, motivate, and inspire the voters you need to  win.

Our Experience means an innovative, customized media strategy for your campaign.

Our targeting techniques ensure your message will be heard by key audiences.

We break through with ads that are relevant, meaningful, and inspire.

Be relevant:

Successful campaigns understand that messages that move the needle are messages that are relevant to the voters, and not the campaign.  It’s a head-slapping moment, but just because a campaign thinks it’s important, doesn’t mean the voters think it’s important.  The political grave-yard is littered with dashed political careers of candidates who thought what they had to sell was more important than what the voters want.

We don’t do that.

We will help you bring your vision to the voters on the issues, challenges, and concerns they care about most.

Be meaningful:

We understand that educating voters isn’t enough. Because voters choose leaders through the lens of their own daily lives, successful advertising must present your vision through that same lens – addressing the hopes, fears and concerns of your target voters. Our creative team will help you turn your “issue matrix” into clear, compelling messages that are meaningful to your voters.


While good advertising seeks to entertain, provoke, or inform, great advertising can only work if it inspires action. Whether it’s through humor or poignant emotion, we know how to motivate your target audience. With ads that are meaningful and relevant, compelling and strategic, our creative team will help you craft your vision into a message that inspires voters to take action on Election Day.