• "street smarts, strategy and clutter cutting commercials" - Florida Ag Commissioner Adam Putnam

  • "they provided us positive momentum that resulted in a victory that most thought was impossible" - Governor Dave Heineman


What we do

We help you win.  With ads that cut through the clutter of consumer advertising and competing campaigns, our creativity brings voters' attention to your winning message.

High Production Values

We work with some of the most innovative, high-tech television,  video, and film professionals in the industry.  Our California-based production team will ensure your message is fresh, relevant and engaging.

Powerful Ads, Winning Messages

Voters aren't waiting around for your message.  Advertising research shows that viewers want to be entertained more than informed -- that they respond to  emotion more than facts alone.  We know how to make issues and ideas into the compelling, emotional messages that get viewers' attention.  Messages that turn candidates into winners.

Strategic Integration

Maximize Exposure While Maintaining Expenditures

With over 30 years of campaign experience, we know that winning takes more than just great advertising.  A winning camapaign requires an integrated theme, consistent brand, and a compelling message progression that targets key voter segments across all communications platforms.  Our communications and media strategists will develop a targeted, integrated voter contact plan, and execute your plan seamlessly.

We target the voters you need, reaching them with maximum exposure, and minimum expense.  Our  guideline for efficient, effective political media buying:  Move public opinion, at the lowest possible cost.

Innovative Media Buys

Sanler-Innocenzi's in-house media staff has over 30 years of national  media planning and buying experience.  We use the latest and most sophisticated quantitative and qualitative analytic research from Nielsen, Arbitron, Scarborough, Rentrack, and others to  create a unique plan optimized for your campaign.

Multi-Tier Integration

A multi-tier media plan consisting of traditional  TV, radio and cable, integrated with contemporary digital  advertising, make up a modern communications strategy.  Sandler-Innocenzi has been an industry leader in delivering those diverse and unique audiences to  our  clients.

Because voters are spending more time on social  networks, searching, and consuming TV, music and advertising through digital channels, digital  advertising across these platforms has  become an essential component of  any successful campaign.  We incorporate demographic, geographic and behavioral targeting into  our digital  plans -- driving your  message across multiple screens to  ensure that your  message is reaching your target audience. 

  • Our experience means smart strategy,
    powerful ads for your campaign.




 Our innovative, targeted advertising campaigns win elections for our clients.

To succeed in the public arena, you must have a message that resonates with voters. Our commercials break through the clutter to reach your audience by being relevant, meaningful, and inspirational.

Our experience means strategic, compelling ads to make sure your message moves voters.

With the 24 hour news cycle, social media, and attacks from your opponents:  today's issues can be tomorrow's old news.  For over 30 years, we've been national  leaders in message progression; developing a messaging plan that  drives your message, bolsters your brand, and keeps your opponent on the defensive.

We follow the data.

In the modern campaign environment, the latest big data techniques can be powerful  tools in your strategy.  That's why we're more than just a creative team -- we love data, too.  We will work with your team to build a media strategy based on campaign research; to design the most compelling messages, targeted to  just the right audiences, delivered at just the right time.  

Whether through traditional  advertising or the latest digital media, Sandler-Innocenzi will persuade, motivate, and inspire the voters you need to  win.

Our Experience means an innovative, customized media strategy for your campaign.

Our targeting techniques ensure your message will be heard by key audiences.

We break through with ads that are relevant, meaningful, and inspire.


Be relevant:

Successful campaigns understand that messages that move the needle are messages that are relevant to the voters, and not the campaign.  It’s a head-slapping moment, but just because a campaign thinks it’s important, doesn't mean the voters think it’s important.  The political grave-yard is littered with dashed political careers of candidates who thought what they had to sell was more important than what the voters want.  

We don’t do that.  

We will help you bring your vision to the voters on the issues, challenges, and concerns they care about most.

Be meaningful:

We understand that educating voters isn’t enough. Because voters choose leaders through the lens of their own daily lives, successful advertising must present your vision through that same lens – addressing the hopes, fears and concerns of your target voters. Our creative team will help you turn your “issue matrix” into clear, compelling messages that are meaningful to your voters.


While good advertising seeks to entertain, provoke, or inform, great advertising can only work if it inspires action. Whether it’s through humor or poignant emotion, we know how to motivate your target audience. With ads that are meaningful and relevant, compelling and strategic, our creative team will help you craft your vision into a message that inspires voters to take action on Election Day.

  • our commercials allow you to compete alongside consumer and product advertising for viewers' attention. in short, we will help you succeed.




  • All




  • Jim Innocenzi and his team are the best in the business. Jim has a no-nonsense, candid approach with his clients and that’s refreshing. It's the kind of honesty that public servants -- on both sides of the aisle -- need most. His exceptional political insight and creative advertising were critical to my successful run for Congress in 2008, and he's been with me ever since.

    Congressman Tom Rooney,
  • I've known Jim Innocenzi for 14 years. And without a doubt – he is one of the smartest political advertising consultants in the business. Jim and his team of seasoned veterans know what it takes to move public opinion and win elections - street smarts, strategy and clutter cutting commercials. Every day of every campaign, Jim works tirelessly to get my message out to Florida voters. He never lets up.

    Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam,
  • If I'm in a campaign against Jim Innocenzi, I know I am in a real battle. He understands the message, hits hard, and is always on target. That's unique for this business. If I were a Republican running for office, Jim would be at the top of my list as a strategist and media consultant.

    Doc Sweitzer,
  • I like the firm of Sandler-Innocenzi because Jim has been through the wars and knows not just how to win but why to win. He and his firm understand American conservatism, Republicanism and the importance of winning for a reason.

    Craig Shirley,
  • Sandler-Innocenzi is a firm that has been on the cutting edge of campaign consulting for more than three decades. They know how to drive a message with the best of them. Running winning campaigns is not just a goal to them, it’s a practice. Clearly one of the best in the business!

    Ed Rollins,
  • If you want to give a Democrat a migraine, hire Jim Innocenzi. I know from experience. As a Democrat I’ve watched Sandler-Innocenzi’s brilliant work for years from across the aisle. Their work has allowed some of their underdog clients to upset many favored democrat candidates.

    Joe Slade White,
  • Jim Innocenzi has a knack for hitting just the right tone. One line in one ad – “I’m a cheapskate” – resonated through our whole campaign. I have never had such great feedback from voters about an ad. Sandler-Innocenzi nailed it!

    Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis,
  • Sandler-Innocenzi’s innovative ads were crucial in helping me win a 50-50 district with 60% of the vote.

    Congressman Michael R. Turner,
  • Jim Innocenzi's media strategy was instrumental in my win over Congressman Tom Osborne. His common sense commercials were outstanding and most importantly, they provided us positive momentum that resulted in a victory that most thought was impossible.

    Governor Dave Heineman,
  • Sandler-Innocenzi is one of the country's leading full-service Republican political advertising firms.




Thirty years ago Steve Sandler created the most innovative and successful Republican political advertising campaign in history,
"Vote Republican. For a Change."

The advertising campaign helped propel Ronald Reagan to his first term as President, created a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate, and picked up over 30 seats in the House of Representatives. By 1984 Steve Sandler had joined forces with Jim Innocenzi to form Sandler-Innocenzi. For nearly 30 years, we have been producing innovative and cutting-edge television and radio commercials that move public opinion and win elections at the local, state, and national level. Our advertising has made viewers laugh, cry and most importantly become more involved in the political process.

Success + Numbers

Sandler-Innocenzi has been recognized as one of the most successful Republican political advertising firms in the nation, and our winning record continued in 2014. The respected National Journal Magazine has named Sandler-Innocenzi "Winners.” Campaigns and Elections magazine has consistently named Sandler-Innocenzi as one of the "Powerhouse Advertising Consultants."  We’re proud to provide our clients with winning solutions for the tough races.


A Nationwide Record of Success

From national organizations to local candidates, from the Southeast to the Northwest: Sandler-Innocenzi continued our winning tradition of effective advertising across the country in 2014. Our clients include winning campaigns for governor, senate and congress, as well as some of America’s largest and most influential conservative organizations.

What defines us is the ability to help a client succeed when success is less than certain.  So, when Republicans last lost their house majority, our clients persevered, despite the sour national mood. Sandler-Innocenzi clients prevailed in 17 of 18 races, including new Governors in Nebraska, Nevada and Idaho.

To quote an old country western song – “This Ain’t Our First Rodeo.”

Jim Innocenzi

Founding Partner, Sandler-Innocenzi

Jim Innocenzi, a veteran media consultant and award-winning pioneer in political advertising, is a founding partner of Sandler-Innocenzi. Throughout the firm’s 31-year history, Jim has been the creative force behind dozens of high profile political campaigns, combining distinctive advertising and targeted messaging to move the hearts and minds of voters, resulting in a 75% win rate for candidates. Since opening its doors in 1983, Sandler-Innocenzi has won over 100 political campaigns.

Jim has helped governors, United States Senators, members of the House of Representatives, and national and local officials win campaigns with his strategic counsel and innate ability to create distinctive political advertising. From the breakthrough 1980 “Vote Republican for a Change,” which featured democrats “running out of gas” on a road to nowhere, to Congressman Mike Turner’s compelling constituent testimonials that brought raw, unscripted emotion to voters across the 10th District of Ohio, Jim has been a creative force behind advertising that achieves results.

Since his early years in the business, Jim has been recognized for fundamentally reshaping political advertising, bringing a Madison Avenue approach to a cluttered political spectrum. And, he was part of history in 1986 as a member of the campaign team that helped elect Kay Orr as the first female Republican governor in the country. Governor Orr’s opponent was Helen Boosalis. It marked the first U.S. gubernatorial election in which both major party candidates were women.

In October of 2011, Jim was a senior advisor for Governor Rick Perry’s presidential campaign. He joined other consultants new to the Texas Governor’s inner-circle to help reshape the campaign’s message, strategy and advertising after a rocky two-month beginning. Jim served on the John McCain for President Ad Council in 2008, and that same year was named a regular contributor to Fox5 Morning News, where he provides insight and analysis of the week’s top political stories.

Recent Sandler-Innocenzi clients include Governors Dave Heineman of Nebraska, Butch Otter of Idaho, and Jim Gibbons of Nevada; Congressmen Tom Rooney and John Mica of Florida, Raul Labrador of Idaho, and Steve Buyer of Indiana; Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming; and former GOP leader Adam Putnam of Florida.

Prior to starting Sandler-Innocenzi, Jim was Media Director at the NRCC, where he helped establish an in-house advertising agency for the party, and oversaw the organization’s media buying and advertising production. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the American Political Consultants Association, and has won numerous awards for his political campaign and issue advocacy advertising. In 2006, Sandler-Innocenzi was named by National Journal as one of the “winners” of the election cycle for winning 17 of 18 campaigns.

Jim grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is a proud Buckeye who earned a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from The Ohio State University. He and his wife, Lynn, live in Oakton, Virginia.

Ryan H&SRyan Horn

Vice President, Media Strategy

Named the 2013 Campaign Manager of the Year by the American Association of Political Consultants, Ryan Horn is one of the Midwest’s premier political strategists.

Using traditional and cutting-edge communications tools, Ryan has designed innovative campaign strategies for candidates, organizations and corporations in multiple states. In 2014, his clients included candidates for Governor, Congress, Attorney General, and state legislature.

After nearly a decade in corporate PR, Ryan returned to campaign strategy with a bang, as Campaign Manager and Media Strategist for the successful campaign of Jean Stothert, who in 2013 became the first female mayor of Omaha. With Ryan’s help, Ms. Stothert built a powerful and appealing brand, defeating a democratic incumbent in a democratic city, by over 15 points. It is for this historic win that the AAPC awarded him their top honor.

Before joining Sandler-Innocenzi, Ryan served as a corporate affairs consultant and professional media trainer with Redstone communication, where he served clients in the higher education, energy and retail sectors, including Wal-Mart and Nebraska Furniture Mart, America’s largest home furnishings store and a Berkshire Hathaway company.

After beginning his career working on campaigns on the west coast and southwest, as well as the NRSC in 2004, Horn spent nearly a decade in corporate PR with Walmart. There he directed the company’s public affairs operation in the Midwest and West, including successful ballot initiative campaigns in Missouri, Utah and the Dakotas.

Ryan grew up in Omaha, NE, where he lives with his two children, Truman (12) and Eleanor (9). He is a graduate of The George Washington University, where he earned a B.A. in Economics, and Political Science.

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